Pain Management

Why us?

Our Pain Management service is GP led, supported by a multidisciplinary team. It is suitable for most adults with chronic or acute pain. 

Our appointments are structured to give you time to tell us about your pain and the impact it is having on you. After your initial GP consultation, you will have rapid access to our clinical team.  

Our aim is to help you manage, and if possible resolve, your pain as quickly as possible so that you can resume your usual life.

Our service

When you first contact us, we will ask you to give us some information regarding your pain and any treatment you are already receiving. This will help us assess whether your condition is one we can help you with. 

We will then organise a 30 minute GP consultation so that a full examination can take place. Our GP will discuss and agree a plan for treatment with you and arrange suitable appointments with our team. 

We will also connect you with your care navigator who will make sure you are receiving treatment that works for you as you progress along your treatment plan.

Our service includes, as appropriate, appointments with specialist GPs, joint injections, physiotherapy, massage and mental health therapists.

Making an appointment

Please phone our receptionist on 01305  757581 who will guide you through our care pathway



Your initial GP consultation will cost £103. 

At that session we will agree a care plan with you and discuss the cost of the proposed package of treatment.