Massage Therapy

Why us?

Are you injured and not sure how to relieve the pain?  Are you suffering from aches and pains, or just needing to de-stress and relax?  Wanting to prepare for, or recover from surgery?

We have the experience and expertise not only to make you feel relaxed and get rid of any muscular stress or strain, but also to rehabilitate you back to 100% of your individual requirements after injury.

Our service

Having worked with people just like you, we understand the importance of tailoring the treatment to your specific needs, even when your lifestyle may not always give you the rest you may need.
Our guarantee at Massage Weymouth comes from over 75 professional years of combined knowledge and hands-on experience in sports, sports therapy and holistic therapy.
Should we feel that you require an alternative type of treatment, we can refer you to some of the best Therapists and Practitioners that work alongside us.
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Making an appointment

Please call, text or email Massage Weymouth to speak directly to the Head Therapist and owner, to arrange a suitable appointment.
We have treatment rooms in both Weymouth and Dorchester, so please state whether you would prefer to be seen in Weymouth or Poundbury.
Tel: 07894 709904
Email: Gordon@massageweymouth.


At present appointments are set at £40 for 60 minutes.
Payment: cash/cheque/transfer